Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just like a local

Once we told our parents and friends we had become three it started to feel really REAL and we got a little excited about returning home. I was discharged mid week and we naively thought we all be flying home to Perth on the very wrong!

We found out to get citizenship & a passport for Tallulah it was going to take up to 6 weeks! So it looked like we sticking around for a while. Ross found an apartment in Motohasunuma which is pretty central and easy to get everywhere! Its close to Ikebukuro which is a funny place! Its definitely not the hippest apartment or area- I think it must an older district as there are so many old folk around and they all LOVE Tallulah...I think seeing such a small 'gaijin' (white) baby is a real novelty! They are so sweet and always try and have a conversation as they think we must live in Japan!

We've explored our little neighbourhood and found that its quite delightful from the cute flowershops to the tiny yakitori bar downstairs to the 100 yen shop we've made it our home (well, for next 6 weeks or so!) At first I was really disappointed about having to stay in Tokyo as I wanted all the comforts of home but then realised this is an AMAZING opportunity and start to our new little life as a family of three! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would become a Mum in Tokyo!

This being said, there have been some emotional moments adjusting to this new life. Ross and I were living a single life with no major responsibilities. We could pack up and just leave if we wanted to (which we did haha!) and now we have this amazing little life but it completely consumes everything and every moment you have. Sometimes I catch myself thinking "I'd be in Morocco right about now but I'm changing nappies and smell like spew" and would get a little sad. I, however have decided that we can still see Morocco and all the other places we want to go to but we'll also be taking our little girl with us- how amazing will that be!

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