Thursday, December 23, 2010

Magic Times

teeny tiny cubbyhouse door at Hattifnat Cafe

My wobbly video of the inside!

Ross & Tallulah at Ghibli Museum

Family portrait on the roof top garden!

We had a magical day in Tokyo yesterday! We set out to the super cool district Kichijoji and thanks once again to Hello Sandwich we found this amazing cafe called Hattifnat (check their site its so cute: Its pretty great as the cafe has been inspired by a cubbyhouse so think super low roof, exposed wood, hidey holes and floor and ceiling murals of child-like animals. We took a seat (on the floor!) in the back room with a bunch of other people with kidlets! Tallulah absolutely loved it- I think she was mesmerised by all the colours and sounds!

After lunch we took a stroll through the park to the Ghibli Museum-hooray! We were suppose to do this on our last day of Tokyo but um..Tallulah was born haha! It was brilliant but really busy...! We explored the tri-level building which is a kids paradise featuring a giant Catbus playground which we both wanted to play on but alas you had to be under 5-years-old! I fell in love with the intricate stain-glass windows featuring all of Hayao Miyazaki characters. We also watched the short film Mr Dough & the Princess Egg and it was delightful!

We also bought Tallulah this amazing Nekobasu or Catbus soft toy! I think Ross would like to steal it haha! It was a great family outing! I hope Baby T loves Studio Ghibli films and characters as much as we do!

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