Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm going to ride my bike until I get home

We had a super Friday, Ross had the day off so we went down to Fremantle to Wild Poppies for breakfast which was delightful. Though for some reason I decided to have salmon (this wasn't smoked salmon, it was a fillet!) for breakfast which then bought back horrible memories of the Japanese hospital breakfasts I had to endure. Not that Wild Poppies salmon was at all horrible, it was actually delicious...haha! 

Anyways, we were in Fremantle because at the Angove Street Festival Ross bought us a super cute vintage inspired bike and we have decided to get a baby bike seat so we can go on family bike rides! We walked across to South Terrace to the bike shop there (I forget what it was called!) and found the cutest baby bike seat in all the land! We fell in love with the Bobike Mini which is designed by those clever Dutch people. They have made a seat for the front of your bike which makes a lot more sense to Ross and I because we can see her!

We picked the grey and white abstract pattern called Isis Grey which matches our bike perfectly and we also ordered a tiny baby helmet which looks like a ladybug haha amazingly cute! We got home and Ross installed the seat onto our bike and we put Tallulah in it and tested it out in the safety of our carport. OMG there were sounds of joy I have never heard before! Her little face was filled with excitement!

We pick up the helmet next weekend- YAY! I can't wait to bike around!

P.S Aren't Tallulah's cherry pants the cutest little pants ever? haha love!


fifi said...

oh awesome! i have a beautiful yellow bike i'm soooo eager to get Lottie out onto. I miss riding so much. But i thought you couldn't get helmets for under 12 month olds??? this gives me major hope!!! we were just saying on the weekend how fun it will be to go on family bike rides!

Renee said...

We had her fitted and the helmets have this adjustable advice which makes them snug and safe! Her head is quite small and it fitted really well. I just rang WA transport to double check and they said as long as the helmet properly fits and the seat is safe it's all good! I'm not sure if there are rules in other states? I know there is with helmets for adults! You should so look into it, Tallulah was beside herself with excitement! xx

fifi said...

oh sounds great! will do! on other subjects, pleeease do a post about your melbourne VS perth conundrum! we are having the same conundrum but opposites! x

fifi said...

(this has just emerged....ask me a week ago and i would have called you crazy!!!)