Monday, May 9, 2011

Mama Love

So we had a milestone hit last week! Tallulah is officially sitting! Yippee! Its so darn cute! She still face plants from time to time so I still put cushions around her haha. She is trying so hard to tuck her feet up and what looks like crawling but she just scoots with her head! Its not far away I predict!

How was your Mama's Day? My Sunday was delightfully great! I started out the morning with snuggles in bed with Tallulah and Ross then was presented with a delicious coffee from Cantina. Oh yeah, the biggest present of the day was that Tallulah slept through the night so I slept from 11pm-7pm OMG sleep is SOOOO good. I miss it a little haha! We then piled into the car and went to my Mums for scones then off to Ross' parents for a roast lunch. It almost had a Christmas vibe to it! Eating, drinking, laughing with family! We were all exhausted when we got home and lounged around and catnapped!

I have realised how nice it is to celebrate all these special days and create your own little family traditions and everything is more exciting when you are experiencing it for the first time with a tiny human!

P.S. Looks like that sleeping thing was a one off present that only happens on Mothers Day haha Tallulah woke up at 3:30am and wanted to PLAY...haha an hour later of rocking and feeding she was back sleeping! Mr Sleep I am sure we will meet again!

3 generations! One of my all time fave photos!


Anonymous said...

I want to steal Tallulahs headband!
Wonderful photo of 3 generations.

Renee said...

thanks- I made it! I'm in the process of starting an etsy store yip yip!