Saturday, May 14, 2011

six bags of apples

OMG I have a six month old! How did this happen? Its nuts! We went for Tallulah's 6 month health appointment on Tuesday and she hasn't quite hit 6 kilos yet, she tipped the scales at 5.88kg and measures  63cm! She is one LONG yet SKINNY baby, quite like her papa!

She is oh-so happy sitting and playing with her toys now, she loves, loves it! She has also started to get up on her knees and hands and sway to and forth! Clever, girl! I feel crawling is not that far away! So in preparation we have just bought some baby safety gates so she won't be able to crawl into the kitchen or bathroom! We are expecting her to be a live wire as she is also going, going, going!

In other news we had our first dinner date with friends last night which was ah-mazing! We have been avoiding night time dates like a bad smell as Tallulah is always a little cranky! But we've decided this mama and papa need their night life back! And I must say I have missed it! It was such a lovely night out we met some friends for Hainan Chicken Rice at Tak Chee then went for Icey Ice! Tallulah was pretty entertaining and shriek and gurgled all night! Tonight we are going for pizza and wine at our friends, hooray for outings!

I hope everyone is having a super weekend! We just spent the morning dining on baked eggs, coffee and beetroot & choc cake at the new cafe Attic in Fremantle! Delightful!


Sammie said...

Doesn't time fly!
And well done on the dinner date! 2 nights in a row!!!

Anonymous said...

Isnt she just gorgeous!
Lucky girl being long and skinny! :)

I can't wait for Bay to start sitting on her own.. it always looks so cute and grown up.

Renee said...

yep time flies soooo fast it actually blows my mind! She seems to be this super sponge learning new tricks each day, its quite amazing this baby world!

Anonymous said...

Oo I love Icey Ice. And I'm so proud that Tallulah is sitting up and you get to go on dinner dates again. I haven't done any preparation at 'baby proofing' my house...I better get on to it!