Monday, May 16, 2011

Party Animals

Had one of the b.e.s.t weekends we've had in awhile. As I mentioned in my last post we are embracing our nightlife again! Gosh, I missed it, I forgot how great fun it is to hang with my lovely friends, drinking wine and eating delish food at nighttime. Really there is no better way to spend a weekend. I'm pretty sure Tallulah didn't know what hit her, two nights out in a row! Party animals! She has mastered sleeping in her pram, OMG thankyou!!! I was starting to think I had purchased the wrong pram...

Its funny, I think I had convinced myself you can do everything you did before you had a baby, but in reality its not really that idyllic. Ross and I used to just pop down the road for a beer or cider and sometimes one afternoon beer turned into a boozy dinner and more drinks but unless you organise a babysitter this doesn't really happen. It takes more planning, doesn't?

We've embraced going to friends houses and having people over to ours and I must say I really love it! The drinks are cheaper, I love cooking and the best part Tallulah can join us! One of my best friends is expecting in July so there will be another little babe around which will be super! I really can't wait for more of my friends to join this baby world its pretty neat! Oh geez did I just say that? Hilare!

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