Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the red carpet

There were three party dresses. Yep THREE! Obviously she only wore one and perhaps has a sneaky change in to another sneaky outfit change during her party.

So the reason I bought 3 dresses? Well, I prematurely bought one about 8 months ago when I was certain I was having a Toadstool theme party! Its super cute with gnomes and toadstools on it but then I decided Japanese theme was so much more relevant and fun! Then I found this amazing Rock your Baby dress and estimated she would be a size 0...haha Tallulah is so petit and I tried this dress on her about a month ago (the dress had been in her wardrobe for like 4 months!) and it was swimming on her....! Oh no!

Then I found this amazing little kimono wrap dress on etsy which was so reasonably priced and is made by a lady in Queensland and I fell in love with it and Tallulah looked so darn cute in it. I got some super cute ruffled black bloomers and because it was a wee chilly I put a white long sleeved top underneath! I even bought patent red mary-jane shoe WHICH I FORGOT TO PUT ON HER...haha didn't matter but seriously I drove to a far away shop to get them!

After we cut the cake I changed her into a this hilarious onesie I made with some felt and a hot glue gun....she became a life size sushi roll! Complete with a wasabi and ginger headband which surprisingly stayed on her head for about half an hour! She looked so cute!

I love her little Japanese dress and love that its handmade and will most definitely tuck it away when she out grows it! She looked perfect...naw my baby is one, can not believe it!

p.s. Outfit photos are so hard to capture when one has a rather 'spirited' baby!


Leah said...

Love these outfits!! Very cute:D

Seriously well done on such a mammoth effort, all the food, fun and outfits!

Anonymous said...

the sushi costume is just TOO cute!
You did a great job! The kimono is just darling also.
(I also love your dress!)

spark said...

Love the signs and all the dresses/ sushi costume - they are fab! Lucky girl to have such a creative mama....I'm sure you must be in strong demand as a god-mummy!! (even with the un-religious types like me!)

Anonymous said...

omg that sushi outfit is amazing! What a super mum you are for hosting such a personal and creative paatii. I love the lanterns on the trees and the red/white theme mixed with the Japanese bits and pieces. Tallulah is lucky to have a such a creative mummy!