Monday, November 14, 2011

one oh one

Tallulah was officially ONE on Saturday! Tallulah woke up to an awesome ballpit and some presents which she loved opening but of course loved the wrapping paper and boxes better haha! The Beaufort Street Festival happened to land on 12th November which is Tallulahs birthday and as we live 30 seconds from Beaufort Street we spent lunch & dinner at the Festival eating dumplings and satays and drinking cider, playing on fake grass and strolling around the street. That part of the day was great.

What did I do with the rest of the day. I spent 6 hours in the kitchen baking cupcakes, zucchini tarts, cakes, slicing fruit, rolling sushi, dipping cake pops and the list goes on....who knew throwing a kids party could be so stressful and tiring. Ross and I asked ourselves many a time what were we thinking? Why did we not get this catered? Would anyone actually notice the effort we'd gone to?

We finally iced the cake at 10:45pm and then put our sorry selves to bed! Phew!

Next post- The Party! Followed by The Dress!


Leah said...

Happy birthday to little Tallulah!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope it was a wonderful day! Happy belated birthday to Tallulah!