Thursday, November 10, 2011

rain rain go away!

oh fingers crossed its sunny and dry in Perth on Sunday as its Tallulahs party! Can you believe it was 40 degrees last year and the forecast is cloudy with possible showers and 24!!! We are in party mode this week and boy am I excited though a wee concerned about the weather as we are having a picnic and have no contingency plan which really is very unlike me!

I've been planning her party forever! Its actually one of things I was most excited about when we discovered we had a baby! Really, who doesn't like a party? And considering I am an events coordinator and I didn't go back to work this year Tallulah's party has been a fun little project for me to plan!

We've decided on a Japanese picnic with a red polka theme which references the Japanese flag! Think sushi/noodles/lanterns and Miffy! Here is some of my inspiration. I'll post photos and all the details next week!

Oh weather gods please be sunny and delightful on Sunday! Oh and I have find some tights for Tallulah as I really didn't think it was going to be so chilly! Eeeek!

Source: via Renee on Pinterest
Source: via Renee on Pinterest


stayday said...

How exciting- can't wait to see the pics! I have already started thinking about the twins 1st b'day only 4 months early!

Jess said...

40 degrees last year!!! Far out, I'll be crossing fingers and toes that it doesn't rain. The weather has been so stupid this week.

Can't wait to see photos of the party it looks like you're going to have a very happy 1 year old :)