Tuesday, November 15, 2011

paatii: japanese for party

On Sunday morning I got up early and finished off the last of the food and we piled everything into the car to go bags a spot in Hyde Park to set up The Party! It was not without some tantrums and drama queen antics (from me not Tallulah...poor Ross!) but we chose a great spot near a beautiful tree perfect to hang lanterns and decorations off! We laid big rugs on the floor and set up some chairs with some helium balloon!

As I mentioned before we decided on a Japanese theme for Tallulah's party! So I went with a white and red theme and cooked things like sushi rolls, edamame cups, sandwiches which looked like sushi, soba noodle cups, sweet sushi (my fave!), hello kitty cupcakes and many more delish treats! We even had japanese beer! We decorate the tree with these super cute polka dot and waffle lanterns I found on ebay. I found the Happy Birthday bunting at Typo. I kind of went to town with buying cute cupcake patty-pans, straws and cupcake stands. Haha it was really fun!

My mum helped me plant little succulents for party favours which were a really fun alternative to a lolly bag. I think the kiddos are still a little young to be chowing down lollies but thats not to say that lots of the kids including Tallulah got their first taste of chocolate, fairy bread and birthday cake!

Talking about cakes we decided on a Miffy cake which was rainbow inside (the only photo I forgot to get!! I'm hoping one of the guests will send me one!). So I was so unprepared about how long a kids cake took to do....haha and ours was kind of simple but took AGES! Geez! But it was received with ooooh and aaaaahs when it was cut which is just what we wanted!

We had a bubble machine which was a hit with the kids and a photobooth which was a hit with the adults. The photobooth was probably my most favourite thing as it was so nice to capture the fun mood of the party! The photobooth was also the cheapest thing to do. I bought some fabric and strung it up between two trees and then printed off moustaches and funny lips and stuck them on sticks. I also bought some funny glasses and made some signs! Looking through them this morning I found myself chuckling. Good fun.

It was really nice to get together with all of our different social circles and celebrate this amazing little person who has changed our lives and bought so much fun and laughter. Tallulah had THE best time. She was a little social butterfly hugging and playing with everyone she didn't stop! It was also nice having all Tallulah's little kiddo friends come and play they really made the party fun fun fun!

After everyone left Ross and I sat around with my mum and his parents and had a beer and gave ourselves a little gold star for throwing the most awesome first birthday!

Next post The Dress!


Jess said...

So happy it didn't rain! I was thinking about you guys. The party looks amazing, Tallulah and the guests were very very lucky by the looks of things.

spark said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! all the little details - you guys did a magnificent job. I love the sweet sushi and the idea of little succulents as party favors is genius - so genius I might have to steal it! I can totally see how little kids would treasure them (and lots of adults too!) Congratulations on your first year of parenthood. You guys have done an AMAZING job - what a happy little girl Tallulah is.

Leah said...

What a spectacular party! I want this for my next birthday hehehe :D

stayday said...

Amazing- looks like it was so worth the effort

Anonymous said...

I love your attention to detail! What a fitting theme, and looks like a fun day for all- glad the weather was kind to you!