Saturday, September 10, 2011

friday fun-fun

 so child is always moving!

 though loved this wee red chair!

 sunshine of my life..ahem yes I mean Lula haha

yes juice in a jug

so we're are all better OH YAY! Well, I still have a bit of cough but the dr said that it'll hang around for a while...wah! But atleast I feel semi human again! Man, being sick sucks balls. Maybe even more now I have a kiddo as I just couldn't catch a break and get better perhaps as I was already functioning on maybe minimum. 3 weeks later and we are all good yippee we can play with our baby friends again. So thats what we did on Friday. We went to super rad cafe in Fremantle called Ootong & Lincoln which like this awesome of baby-loving cafe. If you have a little tacker go there they can run a muck and everyone is super cool with it! When Ross & I first went there they made their own babyfood which you buy but it wasn't available this time...wah!

I think there was like 8 of us and we took over a little corner where the toybox was and the kiddos played on the floor whilst we dined on delicious food (think lentil burgers!) and lychee icey drinks! They also had this amazing vintage horse beanbag thing which I kind of wanted to steal....haha! It was SO SO SO nice to hang out with my babygroup. As I've said before they are pretty super people and Tallulah and I both had missed them lots whilst we'd been sickity-sick.

3 hours later we decided to head on home! Yeah, we had a good old time! Oooh did you see my new yellow Saltwaters? I am beyond excited....they perhaps are my new favourite thing in all the land (well not including Mister Ross and the babe! haha)

Hope everyone is having a super weekend! xx

P.S Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. I think on reflection my opinion might have changed a little. I fully get that a wedding is TOTALLY up to the couple who are getting married haha I just needed to vent! I am now totally cool with it and looking forward to a bit of a boogey on the dancefloor! yay!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a great place to get out with the little ones.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes.. and your toenail polish! Tallulah also looking rather styling in that little dress!

Will definitely check this place out- thanks for the tip!

spark said...

Tallulah is gorgeous!! By the way, we are twinsies...Sienna and I both have the same colour saltwaters haha!