Saturday, September 24, 2011


Earlier in the week I got together with my babygroup and we were chatting and gossiping like we usually do when one of the girls admitted that she felt totally naked when she went out without her baby, especially without her pram. A couple of the ladies agreed how they felt most comfortable hiding behind their prams and it was almost like an invisible neon sign letting everyone know that the reason for looking a little rundown/shabby/messy was because they were a mum. Its an interesting thought. Have you ever felt like this?

I think for me in the early days I may have felt a little like this though I have never been a big lover of the pram as I prefer to baby-wear Tallulah. Though I must say when I do wear her I may as well be invisible and I'm pretty sure I could be wearing a rubbish bag and no one would notice as everyone fusses over the little lady!

I secretly love going out to run errands without Tallulah. Not only is it a whole bunch easier and quicker its nice not to have strangers gawking at the little human attached to you!


Leah said...

I think I hide behind the pram also. It is a wonderful excuse to run out without makeup on!

I too love going out without little G, i can get things done so quickly, and I don't have to worry about having to feed, change or worry about people touching her!

Anonymous said...

I do love going out to do errands sans baby, as it is so much quicker and easier.

Although I do find myself turning to say something to her in the car and then have a pang of sadness that she is not there! They do become like your shadow!

yes, I probably do use baby as a bit of a shield.. I still havent lost all my baby weight and I feel that having a baby in tow sort of 'explains' my physique! When I am out without her I feel more self conscious about my weight