Sunday, September 25, 2011

top ten

So my baby is officially in double digits. I think I am surprised she is this old already, every month I am surprised how fast yet slow it is all going! 10 months is quite similar to 9 months for us....I haven't noticed any major changes or milestones this month.

Some nifty and not so nifty things you are currently doing is;

-you like to climb into the toybox all by yourself
-you giggle and laugh a lot more and at just random things, its real cute
-you have mastered climbing off the bed without any help (impressive!)
-you can go up and down stairs
-your hair is growing yay!
-you have moments where you let go and forget you are not leaning/holding onto anything and stand by yourself
-you have little tantrums...oh yay
-you really suck at eating it make me sad as I fear I will be nursing you FOREVER!

I'm loving this age, its a whole lot more interactive and I'm sure it'll just get better and more fun as you grow! The one thing which frustrates me is your eating habits. One day you consume my whole fridge and I'll think yes this is it, then the next day you purse your little lips and turn your head at everything...To be honest I would like to quit breastfeeding yesterday but you are determined not to be weaned so I am being patient. You have definitely taught me patience! Lucky your cheeky little smile and laugh makes all my stress disappear! Naw baby girl you are darn loveable!


Rhiannon said...

What a lovely little girl!

I just found your blog last week. What a truly amazing birth story! I would have been in such shock!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is really getting around! Clever girl!

I hear you with the breastfeeding.. I'm starting to feel over it too.. I have to go back to work next month so feeling a bit worried about how that will go. Have considered introducing some formula as I can't really be pumping milk all day. But not sure.

It is a bit stressful when they won't eat any proper food.

Michelle's Style File said...

What a cutie!