Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been absent again, darn life is getting in the way! haha...Anyways last weekend we had our trial run of leaving Tallulah with my Mum from 2pm-11pm. Our dilemma is she refuses to take a bottle/sippy cup with breast milk or formula, she eats solids like a bird and we have 3 weddings over the next couple weeks where kids are not welcome (I am totally cool with this concept now!)...We just wanted to know what to expect as one of the weddings we are attending is about an hour away!

I am pleased to report she survived with not too much drama and went down to sleep at 9pm which is pretty great! However she didn't eat any of the million snacks I prepared for her. She drank water and ate O-N-E blueberry! Crazy! But my Mum loved it so we got the green light to go out and enjoy ourselves! Hurrah! Ross & I took full advantage of being footloose and fancy free; we went out to Bonsai (note: Tuna sashimi with avocado is ah-mazing!), then went to Cantina for dessert and espresso martinis! We seriously needed this night off from being parents. It was grande. I loved just hanging out, laughing and having a good old time with Mister Ross. It also made me a little sad that we haven't been doing this get so caught up with putting baby to sleep, feeding baby, playing with baby your time gets all sucked up and then you crash into bed without having a real conversation some days.

But times are a-changing! We are determined to utilise these doting grandmas we have in our lives and go out with our friends and have F-U-N! Yes, I must admit drinking and water and eating a blueberry is a little worrying but she will adjust and I think this is also what she may need too! So this weekend I am off to the wedding of one of the mum's in my mother's group and then Ross and I are off to see Student Runway at Perth Fashion Festival, this was one of the fashion events I project managed before I had Tallulah (it was my baby before my real baby came along!), so it is totally weird going as a guest and not running the show....! But also super exciting that I just to sit and watch the show and enjoy the night! Hurrah!

I have so much to blog about eeeeeek! But Tallulah is asleep and I must paint my nails in time for the super fun weekend that is about to start! Have a lovely weekend! xx

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