Friday, March 16, 2012

musical chairs

So apparently this is a pretty common drama when planning a wedding. The venues chairs are damn ugly. I'm positive its on purpose its so you'll have to hire chair covers from them! I hate those darn white chair covers. Soooo unattractive and your room ends up being a mass of white fabric with the table cloths and the white wedding dress. Urgh! I'm starting to feel a wee queasy! haha

Well, I'm sad to say our venue has hideous chairs and I'm usually like whatever no-one will notice but these bad boys are quite an eyesore! Its not really their fault as its not a fancy venue so I wasn't really expecting them to be pretty. I may have foolishly thought they might be cute, quirky or mis-match retro chairs. Nope, they are those gross school-chairs which may have been a green in their day but now are a nice dirty beige. Mmm delish!

So, my first DIY project will be trying to figure out a solution! Mum reckons we could whip up some colourful fabric covers (not to be mistaken for those white monstrosities!) on our sewing machines and so far this is looking like my best option! There is only 50 people coming so I think it may be do-able! My ideas have included stickers, cushions, paper flowers and ignoring them....haha

My favourite idea is the gingham one and I'm thinking of sewing a red heart to the back of each chair which I think would be pretty sweet! What do you think and do you have any amazing ideas?

our ugly chairs :(

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