Thursday, January 27, 2011

Krafty Kuts

Ross' Bird-Eye view of our Tokyo suburb

My Rainbow Cloud Rain

Ross' Bike Onesie

My vintage inspired Deer!

We had some time to kill before we moved into our apartment so we spent a day being creative and making some super cute onesies for Tallulah. What motivated us was that we spent the day shopping trying to find cute clothes we loved which weren't too expensive as baby is growing pretty fast! We really couldn't find much...! As you can tell we aren't really pastel pink loving parents and that is pretty much all we are finding and its really frustrating! So bought some super cheap onsies, some fabric markers and some iron transfers and got crafty! It was a really fun day and we worked out that these little beauties cost around $5 each and they are one-of-a-kind and made with love. Awww mushy goodness but really fun!


fifi said...

awesome! yes, so hard to avoid pastels and pinks for our lil ladies! my bebe hangs out in her cloth nappies and not much else in this heat! we got so many hand me downs though so i think recycling them kinda makes up for the naffness. although the really pink stuff always goes to the op shops!

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Right, well I've just caught up on the beautiful madness of your lives for the past couple of months. My head is spinning but I'm smiling, and it seems that this might be similar to how you have been feeling!

Glad you're settled in somewhere you're happy living now, and I look forward to following this journey with you in my own little person-who-doesn't-really-know-you-but-thinks-you're-all-pretty-awesome-from-your-writing way :)

Anonymous said...

oh these are just adorable.
You should open a shop!!
I'm with you on steering clear of all the cutesy pastel pinks.. I don't like our baby looking like a marshmallow either.